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    naruto have no fun like it should be..reader can predict where the story will go..there no fun anymore..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWORMKING View Post
    im gonna put it like this, AMERICA loves NARUTO AND BLEACH, whatever the U.S.A loves, its in high stock, the U.S is the biggest importer of manga, even bigger then japan and china, whatever america says, essencially goes
    When it comes to manga sales/stocks it's

    1 Japan

    2 France

    3 Brazil

    4 US

    If One Piece didn't get shitted on with its anime in the US it would had been easily the top anime in the us running still. It's way to late for that now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I been saying it for years One Piece > Naruto + Bleach.....
    The problem isn't that, because well that is not questioable, but alot of other mangas are too > Naruto + Bleach. :p
    They are overly over-rated, the quality fall from their golden days is pretty big.

    Edit: ouch didn't see the date of the post ^^

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    This survey's 1 year old, jesus christ.. you guys seriously need to read the date's first, it's the cross777 sickness I tell you.
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