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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbr241 View Post
    Everyone here seems to have a hard on for Naruto's parents being revealed, you guys seemed to have missed an interesting fun fact that Kakashi is next in line to be the Hokage if something happens to Tsunade.
    Yeah, and I tought that we in Latin American were the one with low crompresive reading skills. Tsunade just gave examples that there are plenty candidates for Hokage, she gave Kakashi and Naruto as example. Is not like if they were above other shinobi or that it was the line.

    Minato namikaze, can't he be naruto's uncle?. Until someone in the manga don't mention Minato namikaze like Uzumaki's Kushina, then we can't say that he is naruto's father, but at least we knows Yondaime Hokage name. Now we need to know who is the heck is Kazama Arashi which is the name next to Jiraiya's name and before naruto's name in the summoning scroll.

    If Naruto is Yondaime's son, then I just don't get why they treated Sandaime's grandsom with a lot of respect and love whille they treated naruto like trash. I just don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dark_atom_5 View Post
    Good stuff we now know Naruto's parents, hes got his mothers name, but his father is the fourth, I think it may even have implied Jiraiya was the fourth's father (he said he now saw naruto as a grandson or something) And it could be likely that Pein is Naruto's brother as they look similar and his mother was from the rain country. Good stuff.
    No they just stated in that chapter that Jiraiya wasn't related to Minato...

    Some people should read closer instead of scanning it through because of excitement

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    Obviously there is going to be some major fights soon. Probably not this chapter though. Likely it will be a lot of talking between Sasuke and Itachi, then again there is so much going on right now its hard to tell. I think Jiraiya may kick the bucket soon, a big theme of Naruto is preparing things for the next generation it makes sense if Jiraiya gets killed by Pein and things are left up to Naruto.

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alterno View Post
    If Naruto is Yondaime's son, then I just don't get why they treated Sandaime's grandsom with a lot of respect and love whille they treated naruto like trash. I just don't get it.
    It is because of the fact that Naruto is the Kyuubi's container. He has the Kyuubi, the villagers hate the Kyuubi, therefore they also hate Naruto. But it seems like they still considered him an inhabitant of Konoha, for Yondaime's sake. If he weren't related to him, then why didn't they just banish or execute him in the first place? Or worse yet: imprison him like what Orochimaru did to Juugo.
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    I think that Yondaime chose to give Naruto the name Uzumaki instead so that no-one would know that he was the son of the fourth, to hide his identity or something.

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    I doubt the Village knows he's Yondaime's son. He took his mother's last name after all.

    I was wondering. I have a theory which is so shitty not even I can believe it, but here goes nothing (something actually):

    They said Naruto's mom had red hair. We saw from a color cover that Pein has red-ish hair as well. And Pein looks alot like Naruto. Where am I getting at this? Shitty Conclusion: Pein is Naruto's uncle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franky View Post

    I do think this is a possibility given that "whirlpool country" or w/e Uzumaki Kushina was from could be the "former" name of Rain country. Maybe when Jiraiya is about to die at the hands of Pein his identity will be revealed.
    yeah i believe that uzumaki kushina was the maker of the whirlpool country, as uzumaki can also mean whirlpool so that would explain if she is the founder of the whirlpool country.

    my source

    ^^^ look at the second paragraph in DESIGN and it should say

    "while "Uzumaki" refers to a three-dimensional spiral, like a whirlpool or vortex." now the big word here is whirlpool so uzumaki has several translations and can mean whirlpool the country that uzumaki kushina may have made.

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    Did anyone notice Jiraiya's cool toad spying techinque? lol

    that explains how he is such a good spy.

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    w00t for chapter. Lovely one this time. =D

    The Blacknoah: Execute? That's going a bit too far. And besides, have we heard anything about what will happen to the Kyuubi if Naruto dies? I don't believe we have, except that Kyuubi said something like "So you're saying that if you die, I'll die too?" when Naruto first met Kyuubi. If this is the case, I believe Naruto would have been assassinated as a child long ago. For all we know, Kyuubi might be freed when Naruto dies. This is my assumptions, if there's something I've missed, please point it out. =O

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    i dont see itachi and sasuke fighting. i think itachi is just going to reveal something to him and possibly let sasuke kill him so he can achieve MS.

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