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    Naruto New Group Subbing Naruto Shippuuden- Siempre Fidelis

    Hey guys,

    Just wanna let you know that there is this new group called Siempre Fidelis [SF] who have started subbing for Naruto Shippuuden after Dattebayo dropped it. Currently, they release an SD and HD version of Shippuuden episodes every week. They are NOT a fast sub group but that is compensated for by the amazing quality of video and translation. Their work is superb and the best of all the groups I know working on Naruto right now. Check out their official website:

    Their latest release is Naruto Shippuuden 107. You can check out their website for their previous releases too.

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    I'm going to bet your account was created solely for the purpose of promoting this fansub group. I'll let this one go. But I suggest you read the rules on promoting other sites.

    Members are free to share other websites / services here as long as their intentions are to genuinely benefit other members with those links.
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