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    oh sorry, cry away

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    FUcking Kelsey! (ama) Go back in time now, and vote for MP

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    Why? It's one heck of a boring and unoriginal thread.

    Without annoying sigs in between, nice gallery to click through.

    I didn't vote before for the thread of the year, but I voted in this snap poll, so feel free to blame me being responsible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asce View Post
    There isn't a single post by me in that thread. What are you talking about? Also, Archiel, gin0va and Arhazivory are the only moderators to have ever posted in that thread.

    I'm sorry. Are you voting under the false pretense that the great akatsuki theory was supposed to be an authentic theory? I mean, it is as credible as the other worthless crap in that thread, but not a single sane person would have read that thread and believed that Rednecknoob was seriously attempting to link each of the Naruto characters by blood. If you were one of those people who read it seriously, you only added to the amusement we had and awesomeness of the thread.

    I would insult 4chan regularly. In fact, we actually have a rule against any chan links in the IRC channel. MS is very anti-*chan. Those boards are a breeding ground of stupidity and inbreeding. To have the Motivational Posters thread is probably the limit for the amount of *chan material on this board.
    Why hate the -chans? They have breed many of the lulz on the internet. Also, win for the TGAT; much love for Cipo.

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