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    Eternal Darkness

    Whilst exploring the upper level of the house you go into the bathroom where you'll be prompted to look inside the bath.

    You see your character lying in the bath and its full of blood.

    And I was playing this at night with the lights off.
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    Fallout 3, when you're around northern Maryland at night, and then a Deathclaw that's faster than you, can kill you in 2 hits, and comes in pairs suddenly comes swiping at you.

    Also when you throw a grenade into a bunch of ghouls inside a sewer tunnel only to realize that the whole tunnel was filled up with gas. I once ran out of the building as fast I could and closed the door behind me, hoping I didn't die before the fire reached me. Then I found myself breathing heavily in front of the computer. One other time I jumped right out of the door into the radiated water below.

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    My scariest game moment was when i played Lost Odyssey and that woman died while their children were crying next to her . With my first teardrop while playing my girlfriend appeared out of nowhere and saw me.
    LMAO! Not sure if that qualifies as scary but probably more sad. I could just picture you sitting there at home getting all choked up when you GF walks if, "Oh, dang. Something just got in my eye! Whew, it's out now. So, how was shopping babe?" Ahahahaha.

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    Fallout 3, when you're around northern Maryland at night, and then a Deathclaw that's faster than you, can kill you in 2 hits, and comes in pairs suddenly comes swiping at you.
    I didn't think that Fallout 3 was particularly scary, but I have to agree...when I first met a Deathclaw (at some campground) the shock of how quickly I died definitely made me pause. Then I remembered my Alien Blaster...

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    Well, there was the one time I was playing Resident Evil Nemesis, and you're searching the RPD building, when all of a sudden, you go down a hallway and Nmesis JUMPS THROUGH A FUCKING WINDOW!!! That was the only game moment that made me jump and scream at the same time. Then there's the lways-entertaining scenes of Resident Evil 4, where if you keep shooting the fish in the lake, Del Lago comes up out of nowhere and eats you, and the Oven Man. Both were jump-worthy moments.

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    Playing the ending of Diablo I at midnight with all light closed creeped me out back then, too.

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    Call of Duty: World at War. It gave me Flashbacks.... Just kidding. But still, when I was playing multiplayer I was running around shooting people with a scoped Springfield(I got pretty good at doing it to), then I turn around and get knifed in the face. I jumped out of my chair when that happened. Same thing goes in Zombie mode when you turn around then back again and a Zombie that wasn't there before is now clawing at you.

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    Resident Evil 1,2,3 were the first games that made me scared. RE 4 wasnt that scary, but I remember that there was this moment where you were playing as Ashley with no way to attack and you had to go through some scary places.

    Every moment in Doom 3, really. I actually never made it till the end bcs it was so scary. If you found a video on youtube where kids taped how they were playing Doom 3, then you can picture how I was playing it as well.

    Oh, also Half-life 1,2 have some creepy moments. Just like in HL 2, lvl in which you have to go through a city at night n full of zombies.

    Anyway, I didnt find FEAR that scary but ... someone actualy did, n it was hilarious
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    Even though it's yeaaars ago, I can remember Clock Tower for PSX being scary as fuck. It's dark, you're in a dorm, walking around and all of a sudden a scary dude with a huge pair of scissors comes stepping out of a closet and starts going after you. Since the controls are lame and the game would be better of played with a mouse, that was pretty messed up.

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    Yea yo
    Fallout 3 gave me the spooks at times
    searching through new found buildings at night
    with that oldies music playing
    creepy vibes were homogeneous throughout the whole game
    scary indeed xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    1) Hearing the english audio track in Disgaea 3
    2) Hearing the english audio track in Valkyria Chronicles
    3) The dubs for Persona 3 & 4
    4) Finding out my copy of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 had no japanese audio or original songs from Gundam

    My mind recoiled in horror for each one of those, especially hearing Raspberyl say "howdy do".
    I'm scarred for life :|

    5)I'll take that for the main course and as a side dish playing Final Fantasy VII and getting to Sephiroth on the final disk. What happened next scarred me for life.......the game froze just as I was about to finish the battle. I was about 5 or 6 so at the time that scared me.
    6)Xenosaga when you first encounter the Gnosis or whatever they're called with Shion.
    7) Finding GameStop sold out of Valkyria Chronicles, Infinite Undiscovery, Dynasty Warriors 6, Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty 5, and finding out Final Fantasy XIII doesn't come out till next year for America (Mum won't buy across seas) and not knowing what's going on for FFXVersusXIII
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