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    Reborn! - 6 Funeral Wreaths: Name Meetings

    Well in the last chapter we learnt the names of 5 of the real 6 Funeral Wreaths, they are:

    Torikabuto (aconite)
    Kikyou (Chinese bellflower)
    Zakuro (pomegranate flower)

    For fun, I decided to look up their meanings... This is no by a definitive list, just what I could find by quickly searching through the interwebs.

    Daisy - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never tell, Purity, Beauty
    Bluebell - Humility, Constancy, Gratitude
    Aconite - Misanthropy, Chivalry, Knight
    Kikyou - I'm not sure exactly how it is written, but if it is the same as Kikyou from Inuyasha, then the name literally means "Unchanging Love"
    Pomegranate Flower - Elegance

    Depending on the meaning you select it seems to me that the Six Funeral Wreaths are in fact the exact opposite of their name's meaning... For example "Bluebell" means humility, but she is constantly bragging and running around without clothes... Not exactly a humble girl.

    I don't know, it's just an idea...
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