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    This arc and the Shabody arc had the most awesome "chaos" scenes in the entire manga.

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    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    we are so getting One piece early this week. its not the first time. I say we'll the translated awesomeness by wednesday night at the earliest.

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    some more info


    Cover: Vivi and Terracotta are cooking
    Luffy's alliance get out of level 6
    Shiryuu appears
    Jinbei uses Merman karate
    Bon-chan is allright and enters the alliance. Other okamas join too.
    Former Mr.1 joins the group.
    Buggy and Gal Dino got to level 2.
    It seems they also join the alliance.
    in this pic:

    Shiryuu: It's a terrible thing ... happening in Impel Down ... (not entirely correct - there's a word too blurry to read)
    There's three people you want to look for: Crocodile, Jimbei, and ???(too blurry again).
    Guard: Eh!!?
    Shiryuu: They went up to Level 5 through that hole.

    Shiryuu: Tell Magellan ... that I can lend my strength ...!!!


    The title is:

    Aiming for Marine Headquarters!!

    Edit:Title may be wrong as script doesn't seems right (dirt monkey AL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    I just realized that Zoro is mentioned in this chapter.
    Shame it's nothing interesting. just a reference to zoro beating MR 1.
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    Holy crap! 0_0

    I get back home for some seven hours sleep after one lousy night shift and I arrive online to notice this? Wowzers!

    And heck, Shiryuu sure as heck looks like an M. Bison nut ball. And....dang, they're plowing through the place like it's nothing. Plus Buggy & Mr. 3 attempt another prison riot, even after that last one was quelled hours ago. If things continue to go on like this, Impel Down is totally screwed.

    Now I'm starting to really like Crocodile. And who wouldn't? He's one of the best villains ever created.

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    i wonder who is going to fight Shiryuu, i feel kind of sorry for him unless he is powerful.

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    hell yeah!

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    i bet that in 3 or 4 chapters luffy & co will be out of ID after somewhat easily defeating the various guards.

    jimbei & croc will quarrel about whom will battle shiryuu and beat him up while doing so!

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    I would Lol if magallan comes out and say:

    Magallan: How did you survive my poison strawhat
    Croc: Kuhahahahaha
    Magallan: !!
    Croc: Better get use to it
    Croc: I sent him to hell twice and he still came back

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    Luffy will probably fight Shiryuu, it's a good excuse to let him redeem himself from the Magellen loss by defeating someone as strong, but without the hax of super poison.

    Remember, there are five Vice Admirals out there waiting to escort Asce. We don't know much about their power range, but presumably any given VA could be pretty close to an Admiral in strength since they're only a rank apart and there can only be three Admirals. Powerful as this super-group is, five guys of that potential power is a tough fight for them even if the actual Impel Down guards are a joke.

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