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    Quote Originally Posted by redstrife View Post
    I could be your friend. I even have a nice shoulder right here for you to cry on
    Quote Originally Posted by eNia View Post
    but, but i am your friend..;_;
    Thanks ;_;... *sniff sniff*

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    Hmmm, on the forums, I dunno must be some narutard (They weren't as bad as they are now. a =D and a D= at the same time)
    After that I became active at the boredom-zone and made friends with Wolverine, Sangaz (kinda, the get Sangaz a gf campaign was awesome (atleast in my memories)), Arhazivory, Trinny and xinhwee. Which reminds me, I like the old MS people better (before summer 2008, or something).
    On the profile thingy, dunno. Think it was Aragor or Wolverine or some mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by NarutoSageMode View Post
    My first friend was none other than Steve3child. I remember I was noobing around doing dumb shit. And then I made a dumb thread: Another story and the troll HAND BANANA was trolling my thread making me feel bad. I was only on the forum for a week. And after the trolling was done the almighty Steve3child came upon me and befriended me.
    What? Thats nonsense. You were trolling the forums with those extremely big ass Naruto pictures. Zomg I thought thats how you use sigs.

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    First friend: Cross
    he helped me out with the code for spoiler tags and quotes because this was my first time in a forum so I added him as a friend. Thanks again Cross!!

    Thanks Blue hime!

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