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and I think all 7(?) of the Hell rings are shown in the manga. Although I can't be bothered to go back and look for it, none of them really resembled Lancia's ring. Unless Lancia's ring had something to do with the 'hell' of modern days. (666 or a skull or something)
There're 6 hell rings, and Fran is the one with the 666 hell ring... The Hell Rings are shown during Tsuna's fight with Genkishi, here... None of them look like Lancia's ring. Lancia's ring looked sort of like a yin yang symbol (except both parts were black), here.

I had a thought about Lancia's ring though... Now that we know that the Gyro-Roulette determines the number of players of each element for "Choice". If there's a round 2, and 2 (or 3) Sky members are needed, then Lancia's ring might have to be given to somebody, or else they would forfeit the game.