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    yeah i agree the animation of the fighting scene of this episode improved compared to the previous episodes it was so lame, this was the best episode of shipuuden so far for me

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    "Hell Yeah!"

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    This was a really great episode Chiyo and Sakura beating some
    puppets asses lol it was crazy how good this episode was and
    how much of the manga it covered
    this was very good pace
    the ending was great
    cant wait till next episode
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    My thought echo most of the previous posts. I just want to voice my pleasure of this episode. I definitely thought it was the best of the Shippuuden series IMO! I absolutely loved the 10 vs 100 fight and thought it was drawn well. I can't wait till next week...looks like the END for Sasori of the Sand!

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    I think this was the best shippuuden episode by far. I've been torturing me with watching the latest episodes, finally they got it right. =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by ieswk View Post
    Wow i will consider this to be the first REAL episode of shippuden. All the others the fights were basically looped actions and talk. My theory the real animators were working on the movie while we got the back up animators, the filler animators for the first 25. The fight was awesome.
    This was my theory too. I hope it's true.

    Thanks Ravona.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    oh and btw! we're going to see and hear Tobi soon!
    Hinata's debut too.

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    awsome episode. great fight

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    that was awsem pupet fighting. and once again, they're stalling to show kakashi's mangekyou sharingan, but the battle was worth it.

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    yes best fight in like 50 eps or more no talking no same fighting moves over and over...... all action

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