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    ah, thanks for the correction

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    just finished watching it this is the best action packed episode since team kakashi and itachi fight, Sakura and Grandma got it going on, they rock, the fight was crazy, although it was 10 puppets to 100, grandma's puppet were stronger, now i am waiting for the manga to come out, i gotta get some sleep, bye

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    This was a really good episode - I really enjoyed.
    And is it just me or was the animation a little different - I don't Know if you could say it was any better or any worse but it definitely seemed different to me - Sasori especially looked differnt - but then again Im probably just imaginning things.
    + No lame Team Guy fight scenes
    - Naruto and Kakashi are still running after Deidara (but atleast Kakashi looks to be getting serious)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootleg544 View Post
    you mean Orochimaru vs. Third Hokage
    oh and btw! we're going to see and hear Tobi soon!

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    Wow i will consider this to be the first REAL episode of shippuden. All the others the fights were basically looped actions and talk. My theory the real animators were working on the movie while we got the back up animators, the filler animators for the first 25. The fight was awesome.

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    redemption, at last. Lets hope that Shippuuden stays like this. I also agree that now the movie is out of the way we may have some better stuff to look forward too now. Fantastic.

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    Woot, finally an episode I can actually download. Hopefully it'll continue on this path.
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    The animation in this one was awesome, you saw that they really took time with this one
    Sup' kidz

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    Loved this one more then all the others. XD So much fighting, love it!

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    This episode was awesome. Can´t say the same about the previous shippuden episodes

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