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    Quote Originally Posted by Krokben View Post
    Thanks for the answers. I doubt that the blue-haired (Is that color even confirmed yet?) girl from Akatsuki is Rin though but who knows?

    Kakashi Gaiden as an OVA would be super! Or as fillers but that doesn't seem likely considering where the anime is atm hehe.
    yea it has been confirmed that her hair is blue. check her out on this cover of chapter 317 which was in color

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    HELLOOO!!! someone said that Rin could probably be the girl with blue hair, I think she is Rin maybe she change her hair, and this kunoichi doesn't use fore head.... and there are posibilities that blue hair girl could be Rin....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirov View Post
    Maybe she's blue from akatsuki! :O
    what if she IS the chick from Akatsuki!! how freaking kool wood that b

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    idk she might be the girl from akatsuki or she might just be dead

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    Or she might be Naruto's mother!

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    You can see a pink-haired woman coming next to kakashi and tell him "You came for him, too" or something while he stands near Obito's tomb in some early episode (I can't remember well which one though, I think it's near the end of the "1st part"). I don't see who that woman could be but Rin. She's probably become a medic leaf ninja or something. Though I'll never understand how a chuunin who can transplant the sharingan could end up a basic medic nin. Another hole in the plot I guess

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    I am not sure if this thread needs to continue with all the speculation involved. If nobody has any concrete information concerning her whereabouts (which I seriously doubt) then this thread should be closed. I will keep it open for now, but will certainly keep an eye on the direction of future posts.

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    Im sure that girl that talked with kakashi during the hokage funeral chapter was Rin when kakashi was reflecting memories of obito.

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    If Rin were still alive or something, Kakashi wouldn't make a comment saying that everyone he cared about is already gone.

    The chick at the tomb with Kakashi during the Hokage funeral was not Rin, it was a person who was probably in ANBU when Kakashi was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootleg544 View Post
    yea it has been confirmed that her hair is blue. check her out on this cover of chapter 317 which was in color
    Ahhh, forgot that one. Still, I think she would look much cooler with the dark hair ;p

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