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    Well here's a thought. I was browsing Wiki today and saw this:

    Uni (ユニ ,Yuni?) is a young girl who is the Millefiore Family's second-in-command and the former leader of the Giglio Nero Family as a result of the early death of her mother, whom she did not know was a Mafia boss. She also inherited the orange Arcobaleno pacifier that has supposedly been passed down in their family for generations. Known as the "princess", Uni was originally kindhearted, and in order to prevent all out war with the Gesso Family, she started negotiations with their leader Byakuran, however, after their private meeting that resulted in the merger of their two families, she became cold and emotionally detached. She is now the captain of the Black Spell's 1st Calendula Squad.

    So I was thinking, maybe there is no Sky Acrobaleno. Rather, just the Sky pacifier is passed down.

    @Roshi: Where was it said they were all adults before becoming babies? I must've missed it. :/

    I do recall Collonello taking Lal Milch's place as the Rain Acrobaleno but was that done when they were adults? I don't remember. I vaguely remember seeing a scene like that in the anime but... my memory went poof.

    EDIT: Nevermind, lol. I found it. I always found Uni's mother? there too. Think she might've had Uni and THEN went to become an Acrobaleno. And that would mean she would be a teenager in Gamma's flashback..... The timeline is perfect for Uni (Her mother had her, went to become an Arcobaleno + 10 years = 10-11 years which I believe she is.) But Uni's mother would also be around that age as well.

    adlfjalksdjf I hate this.

    And a pregnant baby does seem farfetched. xP
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