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    Ahh great! thx for telling about the wendy mention.

    Obviously she´s the character i´m interested in the most now. She must be a dragon slayer... I´m curious what kind though. I think that girl is something special.

    After reading back those pages they also mention: the dragon king feast. Wendy might be the slayer trained by the dragon king? She's obviously connected to the dragons in an important way for the plot.

    Hmm also an idea i have: the dragon king could be the slayer who wins in some sort of tournament between slayers... Awh well.. i'm just thinking of ideas right now. :p

    Another note: Now i know why certain members got chosen.

    Lucy obviously got chosen to work together with that other girl who can manipulate dolls/spirits etc. That makes a good combination.

    And gray will work together with leon for some stronger icemagic.

    Then we have the guy who's 1 of the '10 holy mages' as the leader of the group followed by Erza.

    Then the guys who call themselves 'night' i'm interested in what they do...

    Natsu is obviously there to meet wendy, curious about that combination.
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