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Why would you want to go to Oslo? You'd be safer going to Harlem wearing a KKK hood and robe.
*shrugs* Why would I not want to go to Oslo? I can't exactly choose where the concerts are going to be, and I also live only 2 hours away. Besides, it's as safe there as in any other capital in the world. Never experienced any trouble yet and I've been there a lot.

Edit: Well, there was this guy who asked me if I wanted to drink coffee with him (something I politely declined) and wouldn't stop bugging me about it no matter how many times I told him 'no'....he even followed me when I wanted to look for CDs in a shop....(is that stalking?) lol

But anyway, that didn't last very long. Besides, that could happen anywhere. And besides in Norway, Oslo is where all the big bands play.