I have two computers, one with XP and one with Vista.

I bought the Vista one only a few months back, but I'm unable to install many of the games and programs I want to install and I have no idea why. The computer was brand new, and I haven't changed any of the settings. Still, the only games I can install are The Sims 2 and...well... sims 2 expansion packs.

That's why I came to the conclusion that Vista was not such a good idea. Even the office programs are twisted. I can't even copy text from the internet and paste it into word (or 'works' as it is called) without getting a warning message resulting in the works documents closing.

Vista has a great design, but causes me much trouble. I've never had these problems with XP and it's so annoying 'cause I have no idea what to do about it (I'm clueless when it comes to changing computer settings and stuff like that)

Which do you guys prefer?

(I don't remember if I've posted this before in this forum, but I didn't find it , so I assumed I hadn't)