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    I can't think of anything entirely useless, everything has its own use really, in the Narutoverse.

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    Ten-ten's techniques are really lame. All they only involve summoning weapons and throwing them. They are the worst techniques because it's just an utter waste especially when throwing all that crap at people is easily dodged. I totally agree that for a person who is praised for being so accurate with kunai and such, Ten-ten misses her targets most of the time.

    She would totally be better off learning the stuff Sakura did.

    Other techniques that are the worst that havn't been mentioned:
    - Doing that cloaking thing with some cloth
    - Doing that "cloaking thing" Konohamaru did right before Naruto began the 2nd part of the chuunin exams
    - Summoning toads that demand snacks
    - That jutsu that buries a selected target with only there head above ground
    - Those things the girl of the four sound ninjas that took Sasuke summoned... rediculous, they move by playing a flute?
    - Almost all the sound ninja techniques (excluding kimmimaru, kabuto, oro)
    - That dog pissing technique, "dynamic marking?", that Kiba does
    - Haku's ice mirror jutsu, seriously by the time its formed I could just walk out of it

    I'm sure there's more, but that's what I got right now. Ino's technique is really bad, but I think it's too useful to be labeled as "worst." Choji's ball rolling thing could also come in handy, but for the most part I do think it lacks any real purpose except for amusement.

    Naruto's Sexy Jutsu definitely is not the worst. It has taken down some of the strongest ninja in Konoha. However, it is yet to be used in a battle. That would be interesting. If Kishimoto wanted to make everyone laugh, Naruto should use his Sexy Jutsu in battle in a tight situation and defeat the opponent somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g7_gomitat7 View Post

    - That dog pissing technique, "dynamic marking?", that Kiba does
    Yet it's his most important move. but I agree Kiba sucks
    Sup' kidz

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Blacknoah View Post

    The Naruto fillers is a host to many of the most useless jutsus in the Narutoverse. It's so many I can't recall all of 'em! But if there's one filler jutsu that I just love to hate, its:

    Mizuki's "Tony the Tiger" Cursed seal transformation. The ultimate definition of "USELESS".

    Oh that, and the jutsu those Star country ninjas use...

    Manga-wise? Hmm, none really... lemme think...

    LMAO tony the tiger

    I like the hidden star village powers, except for the fact they will kill you if you use them too much

    HMMM most useless....konohamaru's gay jutsu of sasuke and sai, just creeps me out

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