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    Omg! i was getting scared that bsmanga was gone!!!! Thank god though you guys are some of the best around!

    P.S. - I liked the old format better, but this will do.

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    A cardboard box...

    pls bring back the old site!!!!!

    I cant say i like this site (in fact i hate it-its become like all the other run-of-the-mill manga sites)... Its confusing and hard to find out the new releases and a total pain in the butt. I really liked the old site where u could find out if there was a new release in a matter of 1-2 seconds. Cant u bring back the old site and just add a forum to it or something. bsmanga was my most preferred website for naruto/bleach/one piece and it looks like now i'll have to find a new website....

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    O_O At first, I thought I typed in the URL wrong. lol. XD Then, I tried typing it in again, and still got here and though "OMG!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!" then finally figured it out. >> lol.

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