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  • Its till a planet to me VIVA LA PLUTO!!!!!!!

    15 38.46%
  • No it isn't a planet, NASA says so and so does my mom

    8 20.51%
  • Who cares? its a ball of ice with a rock floating around it

    16 41.03%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Yes. And thats coming from me bro. Its gonna be ok man. Trust me.
    Thanks Banana

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinny View Post
    @Ariolander: Sailor Pluto ~ xD Of course Pluto is a planet. Only planets can have a sailor scout to protect them. (Though, in that case, what about Sailor Moon? )
    Because everyone knows earth is a pansy. We surrendered our scout to our moon and were quite happy with our Prince Endymion and his four generals.

    Frankly I must say though Queen Beryl was a bitch she did have it in the right mind to put those moonite bastards back in their place.

    I swear to God you Earthlings can be such pansies some times...

    Poll sucks it needs a Sailor Pluto option.

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