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    The please help me out with my math thread >.>

    Someone who likes math or is just good at it wanna help me out? =p ....Please? I'm far too lazy to do this paper... -_-

    Midpoint of (-6,1) and (2,2)

    Equation of line that goes through (-6,1) and (2,2)

    ^^^^^ Perpendicular to y=2/3x - 6 and b = 4

    Solve the system:
    y = x - 3 and 2x - y = 5

    x + 5y = -3 and 2x + 10y = -6

    Solve the quadratic equation (I FREAKING HATE THE LONG FORMULA VER.)
    x2 - 24 = -5x (the 2 is an exponent)

    x2 + 3 =6x (the 2 is an exponent)

    (3x10)2 (the 10 and 2 are exponents)

    8x - 4 = x - (3x + 4) + 7

    Please feel free to help me out with any or all of them >.> =)))) it'd be much appreciated and me love you long time.
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    First of all, this is ridiculously easy, and if you don't learn even that yourself, you'll have some real problems later...

    And also, please people, stop abusing the watercooler for you individual demands... no, just no.

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