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    It's just stupid to say naruto is jesus...he is NOT a jesus...If that's your way of logic then there may be something from DBZ,Bleach,Heroes and so

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    At least OP sees something fresh and new. Good read
    You know, I always wanted to date a girl named "The Power"

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    so jesus doing jutsu? train with pervert (kakashi and jiraiya) and frog too?
    come on.. it doesnt make sense if u compare it to religion
    this thread should be closed...

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    las noches
    ok that was like crazy readin all that. That's like going to the extreme with this show.
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    srry to say this -.-" Jezus doing jutsu beating up people?? no way -_-

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    i guess is not really a reflection on christ or anything like it.....besides jesus was a peaceful man, he hated violence, he even scolled peter for cutting a roman soldier's ear. just by that alone, i dont think it resembles him at all.
    I dunno ... Naruto's becoming very peaceful in the last few chapters.


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    Hey I found some pages that makes your theory even more plausible. As I also have been thinking Naruto's actions(this doesn't mean he is Jesus, lord no, but can be a Representative of Jesus) are similar to Jesus way back in Part 1.

    Kahashi talks about Naruto's ability to befriend people with very little meeting before hand. Naruto converts people's, very similar to Jesus when he got followers. Especially the way the 12 apostles joined Jesus's cause.

    Also this too,

    This brings up how unique Naruto is, like how the So6P was to the world. People feel they want to follow in Naruto's footsteps. Basically this what all people need to have when they wanna start a new change in the world like religion. Jesus did the same when he started the Catholic religion and the same with the So6P when he started a new way of living in the Naruto world, being a shinobi.

    Also the reference to Sasuke being a Jew isn't bad. Yes the Jews were against Jesus and got him killed as the Romans at the time were trying to keep the peace between the other religions(such as the Jews) so they nailed him, but he was revived in the end.

    Naruto does beat up people so many may find it hard to compare him to Jesus someone who didn't resort to violence at all, but Catholicism has many acts of extreme violence by the divine. For example God in Catholicism can be vengeful, he wiped out the world of humans with a great flood because he wasn't happy with the way humans have been living. Another key point, Naruto hasn't killed anyone, if you notice at the end of all his fights baring Orochimaru(fox influence) he doesn't resort to killing as a final solution. This quality in itself shows Naruto is trying to find a better way to solve conflicts better than others in the Naruto world. Naruto is definitely trying to act more like Jesus and this in particular showed itself during the konoha pain saga.

    Also Jiraiya's first book(the one inspired by Nagato) could be a Representative of the bible in Catholicism. The book outlines the bad of bad and the good of a shinobi just like the bible does for humans. And both are used to create a great change to the world.

    This is really interesting too, the only hand sea Naruto uses is for the Shadow clone technique, that hand seal happens to be the sign of a cross.
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