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    Key Vegapunk Staff Member steps down.

    SakuraDestiny at Vegapunk has decided to take a month break and at the end of that month decide if fan subbing is worth the time and effort. Read the full post here

    Make sure to say thanks for all the great episodes of One Piece.
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    AHHHH NO!!! I need my One Piece

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    Such sad news >.<. I will be sure to pay my due of condolences. However I can understand the reason behind such a decision. Best of luck to him.

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    He said he wanted to teach people English in Japan xD He should read Gaijin Smash before he goes to Japan.

    Here's the link if you haven't read it:

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    146 wishes for him...and there's instantnoobz and desiboy so we won't have one piece shortager as of the moment..and vegapunk's still going to sub the episodes anyway^^
    "thy will be done"

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