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    It wasn't epic but it was good. It was worth seeing the characters without knowing the entire story as it unfolded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfox87 View Post
    Dragon Ball Z lacks mystery. Everytime, it's just another villain or antagonist. Animes like One Piece however have "mystery" elements that make people want to watch it forever. When DB first started, it had mystery, but then after DBZ, it was always about getting stronger and beating the next villain. If they do decide to make more DBZ in the future, I hope they have a better plot other than just another stronger villain.
    No I don't think they'll ever do, DBZ isn't an anime anymore, it's a legend (so is one piece, but one piece is still a running show). The movies/specials they release is just for the fans who love/loved dbz like they love their mother, it's just for the nostalgia. And I just really like it that way, every 2 years a new DBZ special/movie and you just think: "Hmmm, jeah I really loved DBZ back in the day =D."

    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    Why not try to watch the better / improved Dragon Ball Kai?
    I just want to watch it in 7 days or something, not that I have to wait a week before it's subbed again and it isn't that special at all (atleast from what I've seen)

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    Dragon Ball Z will not stay down for long after the series ends it pops up on a new station Kai is wonderfully remade even tho i was quite young when dbz was originally on sitting with my cousins watching it i remembered when goku became a super saiyan see i knew that he would have enevtually but it took so long due to powering up and laughing and celebration takeing 4 episodes or more and it was like episode 130 something when goku finally became super saiyan while in DBZ kai the story has beaten Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta (scouter), Guldo, Recoome, Jayce, Burter, Ginyu, Dedoria, I forgot his name but he transforms once and hes friezas right hand man, and currently episode 38 Goku hass Just become Super Saiyan and is fighting Frieza.

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    I hope that they can alter the voices of the original actors and make new episodes where it's about Goten or Pan after Goku is dead

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