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    Why is it that....

    People can't seem to understand if I don't fucking answer your call when you call me 7 times in the fucking morning, Perhaps I'm trying to sleep? Some idiot, called me seven fucking times. Left me ten text messages. And none of that shit was important. So now, now I can't go back to sleep. Because this idiot won't stop fucking calling me. And when I did call this idiot, they just wanted to know what I was doing.

    So the point of this thread is to ask this. Whats the best way to kill someone without leaving evidence?

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    wow..>.> u should get a teddybear dude itll help u sleep..or or! nightquil..xD

    hmmm..well, i say invite them to ur place, not a cellphone invite, oral. so then he goes to ur place and u do ur killing..>.> dont be messy , and then be like that one edgar allan poe story and chop him up n bury him under ur floor

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