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    2nd Annual Mangashare Awards!

    Ok people, quit yer bitching. I'm tired of the PMs, profile messages and IRC complaints about why I haven't opened up the Mangashare Awards yet. Actually, most of this is directed at Phixion (you bitch). Anyway...without further reasons of why Phixion is a bitch...I give you the dazzling and highly-anticipated -


    The rules are essentially the same as last year's, as they should be because they are a direct copy and paste!

    Quote Originally Posted by Asce from a year ago
    The rules are simple, first for about a week or so, I will be taking nominations for each category via PM. You cannot nominate yourself. If a category doesn't receive at least three nominations, it'll be eliminated as an award.

    Please title your PMs "Mangashare awards nomination" and format your post like this.
    "I nominate Username for the award award name."

    Also, please provide a link to the user's profile in your nominations.

    You may make suggestions of other award categories in this thread, and comment on what you think of the awards. DO NOT nominate people in this thread, do that via PM.
    The nominees shall be put into a poll after the nomination period has ended and then the people of Mangashare will vote!

    Furthermore, the winners of each category from last year have automatically been placed on the ballots once again for this year (although it seems some of them are on longer with us).

    Let the 2nd Annual Mangashare awards (in 2009) begin!

    • Most Helpful Poster: Blud, Phixion, POW, afro thunda, thsv, zidane21ps, Asce
    • Biggest Spammer: Arhazivory, Hand Banana, Frosty, Vyrjj_X, Arbitrary, Steve3Child, The Ama
    • Best Moderator/Administrator: Gin0va, Imotochan, zidane21ps, Asce, thsv
    • Most Disgruntled Moderator: NPG, zidane21ps, fxu, Woofcat, gin0va, Asce
    • Most Active Member (forums): Gin0va, Afro Thunda, Hand Banana, Arbitrary
    • Most Active Member (IRC): Not Archiel, Rednecknoob, Mister_Death, Asce, Woofcat, zidane21ps, Fletcher
    • Coolest Member: Blud, Asce, Sangaz, Imotochan, Ravona, zidane21ps, thsv, ninjastik, DECK, Kushieda, Phixion, Freakshow, Kikiz
    • Funniest Member: Wolverine, Franky, Rednecknoob, POW, Asce, Binky, Hand Banana, Steve3Child
    • Most Perverted Member: Sangaz, thsv, Wingzy, ninjastik, Fletcher, Mass Zero, Asce, [JUiCE]
    • Biggest Narutard: Gameboy, Freakshow, ninetailedfox69, Hand Banana, paulbee, POW, ng.jimmy, afro thunda, Arbitrary
    • Biggest Bleachtard: Vaizard Sannin, Bucek, BWORMKING, blueiris385
    • Boredom Zone King/Queen: Arhazivory, Kiduka, [DFX], Vyrjj_X, Arbitrary
    • Most Annoying Member: Freakshow, Hand Banana, [JUiCE], Bucek, eNia, Kakashix
    • Biggest Spoiler (poster of spoilers): gin0va, eXplosiveMind, Masamune, Asce, thsv, kuroihikari
    • Best Newbie: kakashididme, petelin, kuroihikari, Binky, xXD3THKLOKXx, Xoraan14
    • "Male" Most Likely To Be Female: Gin0va, Asce, Whitebeard, Phixion, DFX, hatsuharupeace, Anathema, Freakshow, The Ama
    • "Female" Most Likely To Be Male: NPG, Mel_Luvs_Anime, Shin-chan, Fletcher, Kakashididme
    • Best Sig Maker/visual arts creator: Ravona, [Cross], Wolverine, blaineo, ChukoLiang, ImotoChan, Veleon, Gecko Moria
    • Sexiest Female: Mel_Luvz_Anime, Arhazivory, gin0va, Fletcher, Imotochan, erynsim, Blue-Hime, Woofcat, Asce
    • Sexiest Male: Asce, Woofcat, Mikessc88, Rednecknoob, bowserpat
    • Member most likely to end up in prison: Woofcat, Rednecknoob, Hand Banana, thsv, Whitebeard, Sangaz
    • Gayest Member: Draciel, Masamune, erynism, Wingzy, gin0va, Sangaz, Veleon, Ariolander, fxu, Freakshow, The Ama
    • Biggest Gamer: Sangaz, Rednecknoob, Arisato-kun, Franky, Aragor, Mass Zero, thsv
    • Thread of the Year*: The Great Akatsuki Theory, 2nd Annual Mangashare Awards!, Abortion Thread, Madara & Orochimaru, Motivational Posters!!
    • Post of the Year*: By Asce, April Fools, Asce's 2girls 1 cup defilement comment , Deadfire's Insult
    • Biggest Bitch: Phixion, zidane21ps, Hand Banana, Freakshow, Paulbee, 9tailedfox69, Hagane, the ice nomad, niorjan45, fxu
    • Most GAR Member: Mass Zero, Woofcat, Asce, [DFX], fxu, REDXIII
    • Smartest Member: erynsim, RedNeckNoob, Woofcat, Binky, POW, paulbee, Ruthie, Kikiz
    • Member Most Likely to be Banned: Wingzy, Hand Banana, Soniic, eazybrowniemix
    • Biggest Troll: Kakashix, Rednecknoob, Veleon
    • Biggest Douche:Mister Death, Kakashix, zidane21ps, Asce, Kakashididme


    List last updated 4/26/2009 9:02PM EST

    *Post awards are nominated by linking to the post in the PM.

    Winners of awards (good or bad) can/shall wear it proudly as their custom title for ...well however long they want to!

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