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    The lawsuit seeks damages on two counts of negligence, one count of intentional infliction of emotional distress and one count of punitive damages.

    how did they intentionally inflict emotional distress. i hope that these dumbasses lose the case and have to pay all $700 for the medical bill. if you get a meal, look at what your eating. i but the retard didn't even look before eating it. i hate these kinds of cases. it shows just how stupid we can be sometimes.

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    now the guy with the biscuits, that i would get the medical bills paid for, cuz i mean, a BLOODY DIRTY bandage?? just eeewwww -shudders- good thing i dont eat those
    I love bloody stuff in my food!

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    Wow why didnt he check before he bit it

    I always check cause you never know if something could be wrong with the burger

    but dammn 2.9 million...
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    =D I'm laughing my @$$ off.

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