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    Man sues McDonalds...

    Found this on some other site. Originally link:
    A Morgantown man, his mother and his friend are suing McDonald's for $10 million.

    The man says he bit into a hamburger and had a severe allergic reaction to the cheese melted on it.

    Jeromy Jackson, who is in his early 20s, says he clearly ordered two Quarter Pounders without cheese at the McDonald's restaurant in Star City before heading to Clarksburg.

    His mother Trela Jackson and friend Andrew Ellifritz are parties to the lawsuit because they say they risked their lives rushing Jeromy to United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.

    The lawsuit alleges Jeromy "was only moments from death" or serious injury by the time he reached the hospital.

    "We're interested in seeing McDonald's take responsibility and change a systemic quality control problem that endangers the lives of up to 12 million Americans with allergies," said Timothy Houston, the Morgantown lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

    Houston said his clients were in Morgantown in October 2005 and stopped at the Star City McDonald's on the way home to Clarksburg. Jeromy Jackson was living with his mother at the time.

    Jeromy did his part to make it known he didn't want cheese on the hamburgers because he is allergic, Houston said.

    He told a worker through the ordering speaker and then two workers face-to-face at the pay and pick-up windows that he couldn't eat cheese, Houston said.

    "By my count, he took at least five independent steps to make sure that thing had no cheese on it," Houston said. "And it did and almost cost him his life."

    After getting the food, the three drove to Clarksburg and started to eat the food in a darkened room where they were going to watch a movie, Houston said.

    Jeromy took one bite and started having the reaction, Houston said. One of the three immediately called the McDonald's to let restaurant employees know they had messed up the order, but had to cut the call short when Jeromy started having a bad reaction, Houston said.

    At least two managers at the McDonald's called the Jacksons afterward to apologize for what happened, Houston said.

    McDonald's representatives offered to pay half of Jeromy's medical bills -- which totaled about $700. When Houston became involved, he said the company offered to pay all the medical costs.

    The plaintiffs weren't interested, and McDonald's wasn't offering anything more than medical costs.

    The Jacksons and Ellifritz filed the lawsuit on July 18 in Monongalia Circuit Court.

    Houston didn't know if McDonald's had yet been served with the complaint.

    The lawsuit seeks damages on two counts of negligence, one count of intentional infliction of emotional distress and one count of punitive damages.

    The fast-food giant has been sued before.

    In one notorious instance in 1992, Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman from Albuquerque, N.M., sued McDonald's after she suffered third-degree burns from spilling a hot cup of coffee in her lap.

    A jury later awarded Liebeck $2.9 million.
    Your thoughts on this..

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    He ordered no cheese on his hamburgers. Before he puled out of the drive thru lane, he should have checked his purchased right there. It's half McDonald's fault for not listening to the customer and half Mr. Jackson's fault for trusting someone to make his food without checking it before he bit into it.
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    I ordered a hamburger with no cheese at McDonalds like, a week ago and bit into it finding cheese.

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    Freaking idiot should have check to see if his order was right before he left, come on now their like a 40 percent chance that fast food places will get your order right.

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    lol, i also have an allergy for cheese, but not that serious... i can only remember the last time i ate cheese by accident i got ill... which was like 11 years ago...

    if this happened at a normal restaurant, then i BET they wouldnt sue them, but nooooo... Mc Donalds, they have millions, let's sue them!!!!

    it's really ridicilous..

    it might even be this absurd that people just do it on purpose to get cash lol...

    imo macdonalds only sells crappy food, the local snackbar is way better...

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    fucking hole called earth.
    he is an idiot for not double checking his order maybe he should have checked it ON THE LONG CAR RIDE

    "Jeromy Jackson, who is in his early 20s, says he clearly ordered two Quarter Pounders without cheese at the McDonald's restaurant in Star City before heading to Clarksburg."

    this makes me doubt the story and get ready to find a troll picture.

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    Better check your biscuits!

    Btw this is way more serious...though this guy seems to be an ass in some ways

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    one: check ur meal before you pull farther than 10 feet away!! and it should have been light out!! and they shouldnt be going "oh, we were watching a moive it was dark." and have that for a valid excuse...unless the movie was 80% pitch black, he should have seen the cheese from the light of the TV

    now the guy with the biscuits, that i would get the medical bills paid for, cuz i mean, a BLOODY DIRTY bandage?? just eeewwww -shudders- good thing i dont eat those
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    the people who work at the mcdonalds near me are complete idiots no offense to any1 who works there but almost 50% of the time we go there the orders come up wrong or theyll leave stuff out of the order.

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    thats weird because me and my dawgs was at mcdonalds and 1 of my boys was joking that he was gonna fall and bust his ass on purpose because the people were cleaning the floor and didnt put up the caution sign. i guess u could say they were equally to blame. if u alergic to cheese u should definitly check your burgers before eating them. mcdonalds gets alot of orders so they are bound 2 screw up. and i know people that work at mcdonalds so if they mess up my order im gettin free food

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