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Thread: dare i say this

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    This weeks one piece pwned both of them easy...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petelin View Post
    Let me see:kishimotos
    The dialog pwns kubos
    The background art pwns kubos
    The fricking body movement also pwns kubos
    The efficency of the usage of pages pwns kubos
    The ability to progress the story pwns kubos
    The only thing i liked is the damn face lines and even that is fading from chapter to chapter
    All are still inferior to Oda though lol... this was a tough week to get through without OP... Naruto and Bleach both sort of sucked as usual and OP always brings me up... but no OP this week so i'm still down... and to answer the thread question... No... That was not a good twist at all... nor did it really make any sense... and to be honest it was somewhat predictable... if that didn't happen then Kubo had kept Yammy the weakest of the Espada around for nothing... hell Chad could've beat him if that were the case.


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    Yes, Yammy fulfilling a long running joke theory with Kubo trolling all his fans in the most demented plot twist of the series to date beats yet another tragic villainous motive exposition.

    This particular week was also the first time in a few years where any Bleach or Naruto chapter wasn't outdone by One Piece, and it's not down to their own merits...

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    Nah, the two chapters of One Piece before the last one were average chapters at best and were outdone by both Bleach and Naruto IMHO. One Piece has a whole lot of below average chapters, its fanboys just refuse to recognize that.

    As for this week's Naruto and Bleach... I'd say Bleach was indeed better. Naruto tried to develop a good background story, but its disappointing that it'd take another chapter to complete. For WSJ series, though, both were outdone by Eyeshield 21 (and probably by D. Gray Man, too).

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    soryy im going to have to disagree with some of your points i agree that generally naruto has better story progression longer chapters etc but i totally disagree on the art-dialogue and general manga appearance - reading a bleach chapter is so much more enjoyable to me than reading a naruto chapter - the art is definately better in bleach i think and its allways different like on page 3 it showed ulquiorra body and the chapter title and on the previous page ulquiorras hand reaching out to ulquiorra and dialogue boxes goinng down the page and his hand dissapearing - you gotta admit naruto manga is just conventional boxes and dialogue boxes - well anyway thats my opinion
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    Well I would agree to this, but... Kubo made whole friggin blank page *deep breath* *huff*

    I've seen that blank page comming, and I was furious to see it really did come.

    So my opinion is: Naruto wins this week, but barely (too much talking)

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    I say they were equal, the Naruto vs Pein has gone on too long already, and making yammy the 0 espada was pointless...

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    This weeks Naruto was mostly all talk. This week's Bleach was a little bit of action with a twist end. I think most people would take the action over talk anytime.

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    BLEACH FTW!!!!!!!!!

    faar better naration in naruto i admit, but the action is faar better in bleach. And im an action kinda guy!

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    I voted for Naruto, but ONLY BECAUSE OF KYUUBI-SAGE EYES. Both titles have failled to progress the story line much lately.

    Thank God I still have Psyren to feed my Manga addiction needs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I say they were equal, the Naruto vs Pein has gone on too long already, and making yammy the 0 espada was pointless...


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