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Thread: dare i say this

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    Ichigo2Join_Akatsuki tensa zangetsu's Avatar
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    dare i say this

    im going to say a brave statement here and say that this weeks bleach chapter was better than narutos chapter

    WHOAOAOAOAOAOAO hundred naurotards just threw their knifes at me

    anyway heres what i think alot of went through - first 14 pages ok not bad this chapter is ok ulquiorra dies some talking between yammy and renji chad kuchiki etc huh yammy release this could be good lets see what happenswow i did not see that coming yammy more powerful than all the other espada a numero 0 espada wow what a chapter

    anyway i thought this was one heck of a chapter kubo sure did surprise us all there - and i just wanted to ask you guys do you think this chapter was better than naruto's chapter -
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    Let me see:kishimotos
    The dialog pwns kubos
    The background art pwns kubos
    The fricking body movement also pwns kubos
    The efficency of the usage of pages pwns kubos
    The ability to progress the story pwns kubos
    The only thing i liked is the damn face lines and even that is fading from chapter to chapter

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    it was a good chapter, and it was better the the naruto chapter this week


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    I really liked this weeks's Bleach over Naruto.

    And there is really not much to say when it comes to the dialogs in bleach. Most of bleach is fighting, not talking like I've seen in these past naruto chapters.

    Sometimes Naruto has too much talk, and less action. I like reading the dialogs as much as the next person, but if every chapter has over 10 pages of nothing but pure chat, it tends to get boring.

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    ɹǝʎʍɐן Я I Hand Banana's Avatar
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    Naruto in sage plus using nine tail's chakra equal pwnd in every category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Naruto in sage plus using nine tail's chakra equal pwnd in every category.
    and then doing absolutely nothing with that combo equals getting pwned in every category.

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    I'd say it's better, but it wasn't that much better...and in general Naruto hasn't been frustrating me as much as Bleach lately, so I didn't really care that this week's Naruto was meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    it was a good chapter, and it was better the the naruto chapter this week
    It's true. Caught me by surprise there.

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    well i thought both chapters were alright. i thought they were about the same. i guess bleach was a little better. i do agree with petelin that kishimoto is a better mangaka than kubo. im just disappointed that there wasnt one piece this week.

    on a side note i thought the new dgm chapter was good.

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    Sadly, I can't comment. One chapter of a WSJ's series is all I can take per week or my brain will turn into jelly.
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