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    OrochiKakaRiya you are aware that Naruto doesn't have access to all those views at once. He only gets them once the clone is eliminated.

    Phixion is going to go potty when he sees this

    I want to see if he can defend his case. Others may not be so tolerant.
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    It's an idea that can't be defended. Naruto doesn't posses doujutsu, end of story. End of thread

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    Sounds like someone is confused on what Dojutsus (eye techniques) are. A change in appearance of the eye does not equate to a Dojutsu. Naruto's eyes have no special abilities when he goes Kyuubi or uses Sage Mode, therefore they must not be Dojutsus.

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    *munches on some popcorn while he waits for an actual logical explanation*

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    -crickets chirping in the background- your logic has so much loopholes!
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    People should use some common sense.
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    Thats my point. and regarding common sense, people who don't use it are practically idiots.

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    off topic:: how did my post get deleted


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    This makes no sense, you're trying to credit all of his ninja skills to his eyes (he's the only significant character at this point who this ISN'T true of).

    Honestly, giving him a cool eye-change in Kyuubi/Sage Modes is a compromise already on Kishi's part; Just like hair in DBZ and swords in Bleach, eyes represent the power-ups in Naruto.

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    Doesn't Orochimaru have an eye technique for his immortality Jutsu?

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    Nah.... naruto doesn't have doujutsu.

    Most importantly, the information a clone gathers isn't trasnfered instantly to the other clones. The clone has to die or to release the jutsu for the info to pass onto Naruto. Even more, that info takes a wile to arrive, it's not instantaneous. So, the 360 wall of vision u talk about can never exist and be of any use. By the time a clone relleases the jutsu and the info about the enemy being behind naruto about to kill him arrives, Naruto is already dead......

    One other thing, up until now, we've only seen the Sharingan as the only doujutsu capable of casting justsu from the eyes (Amaterasu, Kakashi's alternative dimension, and I don't know if there is something else).

    Even more, people are borned with a doujutsu (except for Kakashi), buy nobody learned to have sharingan, or the rinnegan. They just happen, or awaken, but they are there from birth. Naruto learned the Sage techniques, and he got those frog eyes because of the Natural energy flowing threw him.

    And finally, If the eyes Naruto now has, were able to do some sort of new technique, we would have seen Jiraiya do it when he fought pain. Or at least do something doujutsu-ish.

    So as you can see, I absolutely, completely, entirely, utterly, etc etc etc disagree with your theory.
    Naruto.... In my case... the gateway for the manga universe.

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    i kinda get what he is sayingand i sorta don't, but i think he meant naruto's clones ability is sorta similar to a dojutsu but this one is executed by clones. Hopefully u guys don't bash me for it am just trying to help the guy explain his thread a bit.

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