Some of this may be spoilers for people who haven't read through CP9 arc, most of it is speculation, and rumor though

Anybody else feeling like this arc is being rushed? I didn't really get into it until the middle part and since meeting Moria (A Shichibukai) happened right after the CP9 arc... I can't help but feel that it's being rushed a little. Especially since one of the Shichibukai *was* apparently partners with Arlong and they're next destination (unless something occurs right after this arc) is mermaid island, which will probably introduce yet another Shichibukai, Jimbei (Speculated whaleshark fishman, according to some communities, and wiki). Of course, if this gets the Straw Hats into the second half of the grand line then I probably won't mind.

Just a feeling I got, though. Opinions?