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    The 5 Most hair-ripping-outingly, spam-that-cheapass-special, throw-your-controller

    The name pretty much sume it up. Take any five bosses from any videogame(no, it doesn't need to be the same one) and put them up here, and why you think they're deserving of such a title.

    5. Phazon Space Pirate(Metroid Prime):This guy sucked ASS. If he wasn't launching Phazon missles at me, he was using that lame quake move, and if not that, he was spamming his Ion Blaster and missles! This guy was practically the Tyrant from Resident Evil!

    4. Grey Fox(Metal Gear Solid 1):Hmm...Let's see...Super Soldier+high-tech suit of armor+ninja skills+Katana+superspeed+forcefield+lack of sanity(Hurt Me More, Snake!)+insane reflexes that deflect bullets like Neo from the Matrix=Cyber Ninja pwnage TO THE MAXXXORZ!!!

    3.Del Lago(Resident Evil 4):A GIANT SALAMANDER. A highly-trained police officer with knowledge of Bio-Organic Weapons and very thorough weapons training, versus a GIANT SALAMANDER. With a big ball o' worms for a tongue. Yep, this fight will be EASY...(must...avoid...Borat...Reference...)

    2.Alexia Ashford(Resident Evil: Code Veronica/Code Veronica X):Now, the reason THIS little woman is on here is for numerous reasons...

    a.Acidic Blood(C'mon! That shouldn't even be POSSIBLE, even if she IS a B.O.W.!!!).

    b.Speed. She can run. </your pointless excuse for a perfect run with no deaths>

    c.Persistence/Numerous Forms. Seriously. After fighting her(sort of) normal form, she apears to be dead. Until you get to the all-important Jet Hangar. Where she pops back up and, being the pain-in-the-ass final boss she is...Goes down in one shot? Wtf? Oh, wait, that's right. Being the final boss grants her a 2nd form that gives her the look of a terminally ill woman with a severe case of Elephantitis in her legs. Afer depleting half your hard-saved ammo on this abomination, know what she does? She becomes a freakin' half-human(litertally) DRAGONFLY!!! Now, she's flying all over the place, her acidic blood spraying you as she hovers above you, completely immune to your guns(And, apparently, the laws of medical physics. But, it's a videogame, so...), and you're wondering "God, when is this bitch gonna DIE???". And, of course, you get the God Launcher(Because I forget the name of the real weapon), you kill her, game over, and you have a new throwing star to use on that braty kid next door. Yay.

    And now, my #1 Most Hated Game Boss is...

    1.Orochimaru(Naruto: Ninja Council):Oh. My. GOD. This guy cheated SO MUCH. Every blow you dealt him took only half of what it should have, compared to the other bosses, and gave him DOUBLE the Chakra bonus! Which, of course, leads to his ever-so-annoying onslaught of, you guessed it, GIANT SNAKES. If they're not crushing me with thir giant tails, they're too busy chewing me like a fresh piece of Doublemint Gum. And let's not forget his nearly-invisible projectile turds! I call them that because they're the EXACT shade of brown as the mountain in the background. And don't even get me started on his lame nine-hit combo! All-in-all, Orochimaru drove me to the point of blind rage, and I wound up breaking my GBA SP because of him. I had to use my friend's SP to beat the game, and when I did, I gave it the ol' UFo treatment and threw it into the lake not too far from my house.

    Well, you guys have any stories (somewhat) similar to these?

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    5: Omega - FFV
    If you hit him once he goes beserk

    4: Culex - Super Mario RPG
    Crystals = WTF

    3: The End - Metal Gear Solid 3
    This battle just sucks on harder modes

    2: Collosus 16 - Shadow of the Collosus
    took me 3 straight hours

    1: Cackletta - Mario & Luigi: Supersta Saga
    Insanely hard; I had to destroy this game

    Honorable mention: The Looooooooooooooooooong ass ladder from MGS3
    I think this thing inspired long cat.

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    Sephiroth - FFVII

    Almost any Boss on Ninja Gaiden games...specially the one for Ds...:(

    Sin - FFX

    Serenade - Megaman Battle Network 3, Blue & White Edition

    Final Boss from FF Dissidia...he's an ass who one hits me...

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    Syphon Filter 1 n 2 on PS1

    Every boss fight is a chalange, especially on the most difficult settings. I personally hated SF bosses in the museum expo center lvl and then on a rooftop against a guy that none weapon can harm ( you basicaly had to navigate tha bastard to kill himself by a choppers tail - the spinning thing, do not know english version of how to say it )
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXD3THKLOKXx View Post
    3: The End - Metal Gear Solid 3
    This battle just sucks on harder modes
    That has got to be one of my favourite Boss battles ever

    5) Team Nintendo (Super Soccer) Bastards didn't care about defence. They didn't need to. It wasn't fun having to match them man for man whilst they were playing 2-3-5.
    4) The last hidden car in Ridge Racer 64. Bastard kept sideswiping me on the last bend of pursuit ever single time. Broke two controllers on that one
    3) The Fury (MGS 3) How the hell am I supposed to see him before he sees me
    2) Sigma(the last boss on Megaman X?) Just so unfair
    1) Gannondorf (LOZ-WW) Took all of my energy just to defeat his first form
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    1) Seth - Street Fighter IV: Just....God damn him......

    2) Izanami-no-Okami - Persona 4: Took me three tries and watching all her dialogue AGAIN was annoying.

    3) Lu Bu - Dynasty Warriors Series: I swear this man just looks for me when my health drops into the red.

    4) Necron - Final Fantasy IX: This guy wasn't hard in the slightest. I just got angry at his existence. There's all this build-up for Kuja to be the boss and he just shows up and basically says, "Oh, by the way, you've never heard of me until this moment but I'm actually the final boss."

    5) Anavel Gato - Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space: Because of this man I was under the impression that the Neue Ziel was the strongest mech that ever existed. So frustrating.

    And a bonus!

    The Entire Game - Final Fantasy XII: Worst FF ever. I'm still ashamed to have this in my collection.

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    Sephiroth - KDMH2


    EVERY final four EVER - Pokemon I cant beat them. I just cant.

    Cloud - KDMH2 I love cloud. But he`s hard to beat.

    Ganon - The Legend of Zelda (NES) I hate that Freaking man-thing. Took me six times to beat him. UGH.
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    Dante of DMC and Matador in SMT Nocturne. Every god damn attack of Dante = guaranteed critical hit which again equals to a bonus turn...Matador has extremely ridiculous dodge rate and if you miss, you lose 2 turns...Impossible to hit him without a debuff...

    I'd also like to add all the demons who can use hama and mudo. They have brought me to tears.

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    Fortinbras:Onimusha Warlords- Impossible to beat unless you get the secret sword.

    Night Terror:SoulCalibur 3- Every frickin move is instant kill.

    Jack Krauser: RE4- He can take a nuke to the face then get up and tell you off but he can't take a knife to chest.

    Big Smoke: San Andreas- This guy is a huge douche with a shotgun and armor.

    Lord Lucien: Fable 2- It's not the fact that he is extremely hard to beat but that he is really easy.... And he is the biggest douche in any video game.

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    any boss in any fighting game set on he highest difficulty


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