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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Operator View Post
    Monster Hunter series will definitely be on there. . .
    I like monster hunter,but it doesn't belong there.
    I agree with red. That's just a huge waste of money.

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    Whether the games will chosen for they're cosmetic appeal or story is unclear. . . it could be both. . . In that sense, I suppose Monster Hunter doesn't belong there. I assumed as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is the best selling PSP game and that that game is Japanese and has only been released in Japan (for now) would earn it a spot. . . kind of like an accomplishment for Japan. . . but that isn't art related. . .

    And if this hall of fame thing is to promote Japanese art, then I can't imagine any western games making an appearance. . . Whatever they decide to build should look amazing though. . . it would be ironic if it was just another skyscraper. . .

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    1.18 bil.... seriously, there are much much better ways to utilize that much money.

    Pokemon has to be in the hall of fame....

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