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theres actually deep sea currents though
Yes as a scuba diver who got pulled down by one (yeah pathetic I know) i can agree but to suggest that they can travel on it is a different story. Oda stretched reality in fact if I am not mistaken the currents that occur underwater that are connected to surface currents dont occur past 400 meters. Still deep under water currents occur because density increases when its colder thus in deep parts of the ocean it feels like gravity is pulling you down. I guess his explanation isnt to far from the truth but it still an interesting way to explain it.

@fenix yeah the week off was lame if the Kraken wasnt there it would have been the worst chapter to go on break on, I feel that barely saved them. LOL Oda was known as the rookie mangaka for so long its funny, I feel like thats why he made Luffy a rookie for just as long.