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    if the strongest paramecia is the quake fruit, what is for others?

    robin says that the thunder fruit that enel has is the strongest logia, but what about the dark fruit that BB ate?

    also, what about the zoan? could it be the t-rex fruit that one of the supernova ate is the strongest zoan?

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    Where did it say that the thunder fruit is the strongest of logia? I'm not sure that the quake fruit is the strongest paramecia either. Besides, we're not sure what fruit Dragon ate. Is it the Kaze kaze fruit? Or could he be a weather man and control the weather freely? I mean he did bring in rain coulds, lightning and wind? Maybe he ate the storm fruit? Would that mean his a paramecia? There are just too many questions out there.

    For Zoan, however, I wouldn't be surprised if the strongest was a bug type. I mean there's poison, most bugs can lift serveral times their own weight and a few can run over water. That could mean a guy who uses poison, has imba strength and is pretty much immune to drowning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saragesi View Post

    i dont know if it is just me, but it seems zoro's bounty was just too small..
    after alabasta, the gap between luffy and zoro were only 40mill, but now its 180mill.. i personally think, in terms of pure power (if you don't count the haki thing in), they both are almost equal..
    it might have something to do with bounties not representing or otherwise being based on strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoe View Post
    it might have something to do with bounties not representing or otherwise being based on strength.
    I am lead to believe that it also has something to do with the fact that Luffy is the captain and thus leads the crew to engage in illegal activities, while Zoro only participates in them with high levels of efficiency.

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    Strongest zoan is most likely one of the rare flying type, my guess would be a beatle or a pterodactyl. If mythological creatures count then one of those would probably be the best.

    As for why luffy's bounty increased way more then zoro its likely because zoros feats of strength have never really been witnessed by the government unlike luffy who defeated Rob Lucci infront of a fleet of warships.
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    I think the strongest Zoan would be a Dragon type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Light-kun View Post
    I think the strongest Zoan would be a Dragon type.
    Hmmm A Zoan type that turns you into Luffy's Dad. Thats way to POWERFUL!!!

    good plot twist tho
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    ok new question.

    anyone else think that magellan might come to the execution and try to redeem himself or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saragesi View Post
    but i have a feeling that luffy's gear2 contain a little bit of haki, that is why he could hit BB face hard and hit magellan's body.. he may can gave aokiji a nice hit, but not with a very significant effect for sure..

    but yea, imo gear2 steam heat will prevent his body from icing..
    Magellan is not a Logia type, he's a Paramecia. And Luffy pretty much made gear 2nd thinking of his defeat to Aokiji, I guess.

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    Is gear 2 super speed? and if so his gomu pistol, is it him actually hitting something or is it air? It never looks like hes hit anyone with his fist, he just punches the air and then theres a hit on the guy already, im confused about this.


    Also I wanted to know what page in the manga had more information about that warthog lady (from Thriller Bark arc) mom. I thought she was strong or something but I don't remember where I read that.
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