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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    I agree with this. Garp seems to be somehow the face of the Marines. Apparently the leadership of the Marines can't touch him even if his family are known criminals without taking a huge hit to their reputation.

    That's way Garp is just soaking it all up, he is enjoying himself, and is enjoying all the stupid unimaginable things Luffy is doing and causing. It seems Grap is indifferent to his grandson's situation, which make me wonder why. Then again Ace's and Luffy's dad Dragon seems to be the same way.

    When Emperio Ivnvok mentioned why would the world government start a fight with 2 legends, I thought of that indifference.

    Yeah, the marines Just don't want to make the whole situation more sensational and become a luaghing stock, or a bad joke across the world, then they will look at fools. kuroihikari & Roshi I agree.
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