Please join in and let me know what you think of Nana. And if you have not read it yet let me introduce you to this manga.
You can read it online at

Nana is a great josei/Romance/Slice of Life manga. You will enjoy every chapter. It focuses on two female characters, both called Nana, who end up sharing an apartment together. They form a very special friendship.They have different backgrounds, different goals, different personalities.

Ai Yazawa is brilliant!! You will enjoy the humour in the script. It has a bit of everything. I found is very it was easy to relate to this manga. Its easy to identify with many realistic depictations in this manga. I loved the romance covered in the manga. I loved Takumi's character and he is one of my favorite bishies.

There are many thing to discuss and Ai Yazawa keeps the story open to debate and there are many unanswered questions that come during this manga. Even after 82 chapters (til now) the story still continues to grip, entertain and leaving us wanting for more......

Also to let you know there is an animation made from this manga. There are also two movies made based on this manga. The music in the movies is also very good!!

Read it and lets discuss the manga here!