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Thread: Mushishi.

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    Today i decided that i would start watching anime again and i started my search for a good and interesting series to watch. after checking many many favorable reviews i decided to give "Mushishi" a try. But before starting this journey, i want to know what the inteligent users of this forum have to say about this series .

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    very, very good anime. It is episodic so there are no long story arcs. The atmosphere of the show is very mellow even though the story deals with the supernatrual. It's a good show, but it's not a something you can marathon.

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    this is one of my favorite shows of all time. it is worlds apart from the standard "hack and slash and cheap laughs and boobies" anime staples. it is a very thoughtful and composed show that works to tell rather simple stories with a very plain and simple approach.

    it is beautifully animated (seriously, one of the most beautiful shows ever), the music is absolutely perfect for it, and while it won't leave you pondering very much at all, most episodes have a very strong emotional impact.

    as ippo said, it is not "story arc" based and it is not very marathonable. in fact, i recommend you simply watch an episode here and there whenever you're feeling a little heavy.

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    Great anime. I loved every episode, and it always leaves you with something kinda deep and thoughtful.

    Again beautiful art and music, perfectly matched and the stories are very intriguing, always makes you think. I really enjoyed the "stories" that each episode would tell and how they would end each episode.

    Definately watch this one. I kinda wish I was longer because I want more lol.
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    This is pretty much my favorite anime, Its really about all life being connected. So kool and definitely worth the watch


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    One of my favorite animes...slow in pacing but relaxing.

    It doesn't have an actual villain just series of events that caused some inconveniences to humans..and the main cause are the Mushis..

    Stunningly awesome!

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