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    double post more. Use coloring pencls.

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    lol itsu but the point you are trying to make is it is too hard to color over pencil and the truth hurts. If you trying to use the original pencil drawing it causes problems and makes it very hard to work with. The pen tool just makes a line art of your original to which you can color however you see fit. that includes the shading you have done.

    However since you insist on coloring over the original pencil i have tried that myself and found it often has lack luster results. but the tools that seem to work the best on pencil are the darken and lighten tools and color burn to try and work with what is already there. i know this is probably a bad example lol but this is one i colored over the orignal which was done in pencil. i tried to flow with the pencil as opposed to working against it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhazivory View Post
    Ryu Sensei sends everyone to: So that's the way to go. Just as everyone says, do the lineart then colour it.
    basically thats it, but he also give ypu some tips if you are kind enough!! althought he encoragesyou to develop your own technique!

    oh, and btw HB avatar scares me... its disgusting

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    Download Paint Tool Sai and add a lineart layer on top of your image, it'd be best if you had a tablet, but you could get by with a mouse.
    When you're on a lineart layer a few new tools come up, one is a curved line with anchor points, just select that and start tracing with it, it'll take care of any curved lines itself (you don't have to worry about there being any jagged edges) so just keep clicking along the lines.

    You'll get the job done faster than you would using PS's pen tool.

    You seem to want to keep your pencil outline, but tbh, It's gunna look shit once you've coloured it. It should have a strong jet black outline, rather than the rough texture that a pencil leaves.

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    Don't think Sai's available for mac, but thanks for the tip!

    Seems like Lineart is the only option, huh?

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