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    Feb 2008
    Bogota, Colombia
    I study industrial engineering (third year).

    Thanks Blue hime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redstrife View Post
    Animation's a compelling field. The school I went to had an Animation program, and it looks very fun. Took several 3D modeling and animation courses, and yea I found it to have quite the learning curve!
    We've had a few at my high school. Though I wasn't that good at first I slowly got better and I'm very intrigued by it. Plus I have a choice of whether I want to do 3D or 2D animation. I'm glad to hear your positive thoughts on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minidevi View Post
    Draciel's more hardcore than you, I bet he's out killing people now, while cosplaying nude Kyon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Hmm I might have some books available depending on if you are in the States.
    Nice, stick around the forums I'll hit you up for books every semester lol. Thanks for the offer, If I'm ever in need I'll definitely PM you.

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    Bachelors in Electronics Engineering-second year
    didn't choose a minor yet, but i'm liking it so far

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    The Lone Star State
    once i grad from high school, ill be majoring in arts and music theory,photography and music in general
    got a scholarship in that field
    i wouldnt mind trying psychology, i loved the class i took my junior year

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    Cleveland, Oohi
    Techincal Engineering@ Ohio State

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    Electrical engineering secong year - may specialize in robotics and control systems

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    Electronics & Communication engineering, 4th semester. So far so good

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    UG: mechanical engineering 6th sem
    planning on doing a M.Sc in nanotechnology somewhere down the line but i am pretty undecided on that.basically because i need to find a good college for the course or its pretty worthless.
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    University of the West Indies (UWI): Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Biochemistry (double major). Currently doing an MPhil in Zoology.
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