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    Drawing Competition anyone?

    Thought we'd start expanding the Art Contests section with a Drawing Competition~ ^^ Anyone interested in this? The basic guidelines we've come up with are as follows:

    - Monthly basis. DotM sounds good, yeah?

    - 1000x1600 pixels, maximum. (A4 canvas size.)

    - Only one submission per participant.

    - Participants will submit their finalized works, no changes are permitted onto them once submitted.

    - Nothing offensive is allowed.

    - Voting period is a week.
    We might start with a no-category based drawing competition, meaning anyone can submit any sort of drawing as long as it follows the general rules. And when we say any sort of drawing, we mean it; your submissions don't have to be fanart or even character-based, they can vary from landscape to still life. ^^

    One thing we were worried about was how to prevent plagiarism. >< You could always sign your work, but a) we would need to know how your signature looks like, b) it would only prove the authenticity of the signature rather than the artwork. >< Any suggestions on this?

    Moved, thought it'd get more reception here. >< Let's see if this works.
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