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Well, let's not get to fear ahead of ourselves here, after all it is manga I bet it was something that Isshin(if he knew exactly what was happening) felt that Ichigo had to do, and that's usually how it always is in manga. Like Ukitake says, "There are two types of fight's. One to protect your honor, and one to protect your life". And we don't know when Isshin got his powers back, the time he fought that Arrancar in town seems to be the first time he used his shinigami powers in 20 year.
Yeah Manga is funny that way. If I were KUBO, I would spin in that Isshin was Under Orders from Squad Zero not to intervene, and Only Urahara, Yoruichi, and Yamamoto Genrusai, knew of the orders, but they didn't know why or anything else.

Maybe Squad Zero has a See'er who fortold these events and Orderd Yama-Ji to not directly interfere with Ichigo.