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    Bleach Ask a Question Thread

    The idea for this thread belongs to POW.

    The purpose of this thread is to cut down on all the pointless one line sentence question threads that tend to pop up after an exciting chapter comes out and give the mods a break from graveyarding.

    You can ask any type of Bleach question, from theoretical to the "I forgot" type.

    Here are the rules:

    1) Questions should be Bleach related.

    Good Example: Where is Yoruichi's Zanpakutou?

    Bad Example: It's raining, should I take an umbrella outside?
    2) Questions should be in plain text and plain English, the best you can. (No retarded speak.)

    Good Example: Will Ulquiorra survive in his current condition?

    Bad Example: iz tee 4 epsada gunna dieez?
    3) Mulitple questions should be numbered for orginization.

    Good Example: 1) Where are the Vizards?
    2) Will Ulquiorra survive in his current condition?

    Bad Example: Where are the Vizards, why are they not here yet?
    4) Answers should be in BOLD text and should quote the post they answer, in order to avoid confusion with other posts.

    Good Example:
    1) Waiting for the captains to get beaten.
    2) We don't know.
    5) No "mile long" paragraph questions! While there is no limit on the number of questions, we want to avoid creating a thread within a thread.

    Hopefully this will work and prevent a lot of pointless threads from popping up, so let's all give it a try.

    Good luck, God speed & God save the Queen...
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