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Request for Cr4zy,

I would like a signature with 380 width x 120 height,
idc what kind of background it has, as long as it fits with the character and i would like my name "Gin0va" in it [if possible the "0" in Gin0va is a "zero" - i hope the font supports it though ], i chose you because i just love the way you make sigs which you posted in your other thread.

render of the character:

[its already with a transparant layer

link: http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/a...ender01iq0.png

Thanks in advance

EDIT: [ i have been trashing around with my freeware photofilter and i came up with this "points at my sig", what do you people think of it?
Sorry for not replying sooner, I haven't really been on lately. I'll get it done by tomorrow, latest will be the following day.