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    Art Requests

    Aren't talented at Photoshop but still want an awesome signature or piece of art? Well, make your request in here and hopefully one of our artists will take the time to make it for you.

    When making a request, please mention as many specifics as you can. These include general color, text, size, style, anime/manga series and characters. It would also be a huge help to the artist if you provided your own render. Lastly, give credit and thanks to whoever decides to create something for you!

    If you're an artist willing to work on requests PM me and I'll put you on a list of artists people can submit requests to.

    The List:
    • Nishi - Draws and colors anime or manga characters. His site.
    • Cr4zy - Signatures, renders appreciated.
    • noodleplugerine - Signatures, renders appreciated.
    • [JUiCE] - "I only do traditional art. I mainly work with pen. If one wants color, i use either oil pastels or prisma colors, depending on the drawing. I can draw just about anything(sorry if i sound cocky). Size does not matter, I can work around it. "
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