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Thread: Art Requests

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    Hi yah i have been looking all over for good Logos (the Title art) but i have been unable to find these Series

    D. Grey-Man
    Eyeshield 21
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Hunter x Hunter
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Buso Renkin
    Rave Master

    by good logos i am looking for the logo to be at least 512x512 at least.
    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abcdefghijkLOL View Post
    ...I'm confused here...who am I supposed to take the request first for? And at the mod, do you have a larger version since the one you posted looks shrunk? I'm getting slightly frustrated at trying to find stuff in the MS forums right now since I'm not used to it.

    And yeah, I make sigs and stuffz like that. The one in my sig was by me. How come the rules say we can have 600x300 pics, but I couldn't use my 400x300 pic for my sig? D:
    isnt it 600x200? i think it might be, i could be wrong. but that 300 can be messing it up, check it out.

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    it is 600 x 200. i just tried uploading this

    which is 450 x 227. wouldn't do it.

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    Wondering if someone could make me a Deadman Wonderland sig? I gave it a go but im abit useless with paint programs heh =/
    I would like it to be the card with the cartoony crow on at an angle on the left,

    facing the picture of crow where he has lengthened his arm blade (so that's on the right)

    and then in the background in the middle, the Circle bit and two side arm thingies off the carnival corpse crucifix.

    Colour wise im thinking black and dark red with any uncovered blank areas having a sort of black and red fuzzy ripple. If you don't really understand what i mean by this, or its a stupidly difficult request please just send me a PM and ill explain it a lot better, but the 20th century boys sig that i "made" isnt really doing the job anymore, and i'm really jealous of all the really good ones i see everywhere heh =]

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    Siggie plz

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    Please make a drawing for me of Naruto in hermit mode with his hair long and spiky (like Jiraiya). Here's the link to a thread I made with the request and a picture of hermit mode jiraiya to provide a template.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbra037 View Post
    Aren't talented at Photoshop but still want an awesome signature or piece of art? Well, make your request in here and hopefully one of our artists will take the time to make it for you.

    When making a request, please mention as many specifics as you can. These include general color, text, size, style, anime/manga series and characters. It would also be a huge help to the artist if you provided your own render. Lastly, give credit and thanks to whoever decides to create something for you!

    If you're an artist willing to work on requests PM me and I'll put you on a list of artists people can submit requests to.

    The List:
    • Nishi - Draws and colors anime or manga characters. His site.
    • Cr4zy - Signatures, renders appreciated.
    • noodleplugerine - Signatures, renders appreciated.
    I am always looking for new Kenshin art is you are ever in the mood. Thanx in advance.

    Come visit Anime Guild for all your Anime needs and enjoy the site. Over 2000 complete and running series available for direct download, always free! Much more to come.

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    Can someone please just fuckin draw Naruto in Senin Mode. how fuckin awesome would that be. Think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atriede View Post
    Can someone please just fuckin draw Naruto in Senin Mode. how fuckin awesome would that be. Think about it.

    This is a art request thread and this is how you request "Can someone please draw Naruto in Senin Mode". See how simple it is

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    oewh a request thread. Anyway as you can see looking at my avatar i'm bad at using paint/photoshop

    Can someone please make me a good signature with Goddess of flash, Yoruichi with sharingan eyes?(would be nice if the letters Goddess of flash, Yoruichi are in the sig)
    Doesnt have to be the same pic as my avatar, just something cool I was thinking something like a black background with Yoruichi using that tecnhique which maked her look all white(when she fought against soi-fon) and then with the sharingan eyes.

    But it doesnt have to be like that, just anything with yoruichi sounds good to me:p

    If anyone wants to give it a try THX!^^

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