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    PSP (and other handheld game console) Game Discussion / Recommendations

    Hey there guys and gals! We know that sometimes playing handheld game consoles is just the perfect way to relieve some stress. Since they are rarely mentioned, I think it would be more proper to have its own thread.

    I have stopped using NDS and now focusing on PSP (hence the title). I am tired of searching and asking people for their recommendation[s] so let's try to help each other here.

    I would like to know your thoughts on the ones you have played. Here's a rundown of the things that I would like to know.

    (Action / Adventure / Cards / RPG / Shooting / Simulation / Sports / etc.)

    (First Person / Real-time / Strategy / Tactical / Turn-based / etc.)

    Personal Rating
    (Anything you want to say. )

    BTW, here are the PSP games that I have played.
    • Star Ocean : First Departure
    • Star Ocean : Second Evolution
    • Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth
    • NBA Live 2009
    • Mana Khemia : Student Alliance
    • Jeanne d'Arc
    • Final Fantasy : Crisis Core
    • Final Fantasy : Dissidia

    It's obvious that I like RPGs a LOT.

    I have also tried Phantasy Star Portable but I do not like such gameplay. Though Monster Hunter is a viable candidate (even if it has the same gameplay to that of PSP) because it has better graphics than that of PSP IMO.
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