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hmm well i live in Toronto and its a VERY MULTICULTURAL CITY! AND I MEAN IT! 60% if the city are foriegn born! so naturally i have friends from pretty much everywhere and suprisingly alot of my muslim friends hate some of the rules put out! like once my pakistani friend said that if a girl got raped in Pakistan, she would get arrested for prostituting. The only way she could get out of that jam is if two Muslim men witness the rape and appear as witnesses in court. Now i think that is TOTAL BULLSHIT! i can see why the western world looks with frowns on many of the rules set out by islamist, but we have to remember its their country and their rules that we must respect!

Of course then there are some other things which i appreciate like women staying @ home @ certain times during the day....dont call me a sexist, but in reality this would help reduce crime against women wouldn't it? anyways thats my two cents! and not to appear like im supporting terrorist or anything, but one of the positive things the taliban did in afghanistan was to eliminate the drug industry!
This sir, is the biggest bullshit post of the year, I should actually infract you for your stupidity. Respect idiotic rules? Their countries my ass, human rights are a global thing. Women staying at home = less crime against them? Are you a timetraveller from the 30's or smth? It totally cuts down freedom which women deserve as much, if not even more than men. How'd you like being cut down on your right to go freaking outside. Taliban eliminating the drug industry? Are you kidding? That's how they are financing their whole freaking war. Keep your 2 cents for yourself, the currency you're trying to pay with is overaged and worthless.

Oh yeah, you're a sexist.