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    Speculation: CP9 Bounties

    If CP9 members were pirates(or random outlaws), how much do you think that their bounties will amount to?

    -This post is for the listing of individual CP9 members' bounties.

    -A bounty does not only reflect an individual's power level, but also their active threat to the world's stability and their past deeds. The CP9 members' bounties shall include the consideration of their past killings (including the part where Rob Lucci killed 500 hostages since he considered them to be "weak") in a scenario where the CP9 is not considered to be a part of the world government and does not possess its privilege of "killing without penalties". Simply consider that the CP9's past deeds were roughly equivalent to what the Straw Hats committed, if not more since they actually killed people.

    -Assess the CP9 bounties in accord to what you FEEL that the CP9 members deserve.
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