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    Chapter looks interesting, looks like luffy is starting to get the hang of haki.

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    Turns out Luffy isn't in the same cell as Iwa (whom might actually be Ivankov).

    I was expecting a much more mild reaction from the prisoners towards Bon Kurei reverting to his original shape (from his Hannyabal guise).

    Looks like Luffy's fine (he isn't soaked in poison in the last pic)...but I wouldn't count on it just yet. At least the dastardly duo (Bon-Chan and Luffy) are back together.

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    can anyone tell me , what the meaning of hakki is ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niceeee View Post
    can anyone tell me , what the meaning of hakki is ?
    It's sort a person's concentrated fighting spirit. You know we first saw it when Shanks saves Luffy from the Sea King with just a look.

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    Panda Man ;dd

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    Lightbulb Antidote

    lets wait for MR.2 , wonder what he will do,
    You guys remember the guards that were beside magellan while fighting luffy ? and some of them has touched the poison ? and after that he went asking his friend for an antidote ?...... so there is really an antidote,i think the clue starts from here, and where the fuck is that antidote? no one knows lol, only the brain of oda, lets see if he is going to direct MR.2 to its place by taking hannybal's shape .....

    A True Moment of honor
    Lets Wonder the Luffy reacts over this moment and When?

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    ah concentrated fighting spirit, now i know what this is ty JpasDa1

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    This just came out recently.

    It seems to imply that that last pic is the end of the chapter, meaning we might not know who the half-black half-white guy is until next week or so.

    Just thought I'd bring this up (unless it's already been added to the spoilers for this chapter).

    And a tidbit of info that someone else seems to have regarding Haki.
    Animesuki OP Ch. 536 thread - post #21

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    I dare you
    Gah, Oda did it again!, im gonna say that every week from now (25 weeks or more)

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    Credits are going to aohige from Ap

    Verification: Confirmed


    Chapter 536: Freezing Hell
    Coverart: Franky modefying a camel

    Hannyabal (Bon disguised): What....!!? (in female tone) I mean... What...!!? (in Hannyabal's male tone)

    ImpelDown Medical Room

    Doctor: No one's ever survived after receiving multiple poisoning from Warden Magellan...
    There are ways if it was just one poison, but there's no way to create an antidote for multiple poison received from the Chief Warden.

    Bon: And you call yourselves medics!? You gotta be kidding!! (in female tone)
    I mean.... You must be kidding!!! Do something about it! It's been decided that Strawhat Luffy must be handed to the marines alive!

    Doctor: But... if we go ahead and treat him with medication, it will only speed up his death. I'm sorry, but there's no way to keep him alive...

    Bon: .....!!!

    Bon Clay returns to Buggy and Mr3

    Bon: Hmmmmpppph!!!
    Buggy: Look...!! Saving Strawhat is beyond hope!!
    Mr3: To survive after fighting Magellan is a miracle that's not going to happen

    Bon: Miracle....
    Buggy: huh??
    Bon: Yes... Impel Down holds "him"!!! The One of Mircales, Okama-king Iva-san!!!
    People that doctors gave up on... Dying nations... The most powerful shining star of the Okama world, who made a legend of saving everything!!
    Iva-san!! Now is the time to find him (her) !!!

    Buggy & Mr3: Who?

    Level 4 Employee reserved staircase

    staff: Going to Level 5, sir?
    Hannyabal (Bon): Yes, that's right. I'm taking these prisoners (Buggy & Mr3) to serve the Freezing penalty!!

    Bon: (...I have to go!! Wait for me, Mugi-chan!!!
    ...But one thing that's bothering me... about this Level 5 prisoner list.... What's going on?)
    staff: Come on, walk straight!! (At Buggy & Mr3)

    Bon: ("Emporio Ivankov" the name of Iva-san, the most powerful Okama King ever is erased!! Perhaps he (she)'s been released already? .... Or executed!?)

    Bon: Have this prisoner been released already?
    staff: Oh, Ivankov... You know, that case back a few years ago. Did you forget already warden?
    Bon: That .... yeah, THAT case, you know, THAT!! You know about it? Come on, say it!
    staff: Eh, ... we're in front of prisoners but oh well... The disappearing incidents that happens sometimes in Impel Down.
    Prisoners obviously not capable of moving, much less escaping.. suddenly disappear without a trace.
    "The devil's tugging". Everyone's so afraid of this unusual phenomenon, and compares this to being dragged down into the gates of hell, and calls it this.
    Bon: Humans... disappearing...??

    Buggy: Cccold!!! And the gate hasn't even opened yet!!
    Mr3: And we're wearing so much already...!!

    staff: We've arrived. Be ware of the freezing cold and the army wolves. Now if you will, I'll hold these as usual.
    Bon: Huh? What!?
    staff: You know... your coat and your weapon!! We'll never be able to do the same...
    We the staff here are always in awe how you walk here naked and unarmed, saying you'll show off your class as warden to the prisoners!
    Bon: .....!!
    staff: ... letting the prisoners wear coats are kind of silly too, so.... (takes them away from Buggy & Mr3)
    Take care!! You won't be able to use your den-den mushi in this freezing cold either, so be careful!!

    Buggy: OOOOOHH..... COOOOLLDD!!! No, it HURTS. It's so cold IT HURTS

    Some wolves appear, and comes towards them

    Buggy: one... two... three... four wolves.... hey, aren't those the army wolves he was talking about?
    Do you know why they aren't in the Beast Hell floor?
    Bon: No, why?
    Mr3: Oh! I know, because if they let them loose in Lv2, they'd eat the Basilisk and Sphinx up! Because they are so ferocious!
    Bon: Ok then, let's be careful!! Let's go rescue Mugichan!!! Heeey!? Running away already!!?

    Buggy: I don't want to be eaten, moron.
    Mr3: YOU go ahead and do this alone!!!

    Meanwhile, in the freezing floor, the central tower cells

    Luffy: Uwaaaaazaa!!! Huh... Huff.... Ha... *coff* ha...aa....!!
    Prisoner: Well we got a terrible one here... Are we supposed to keep eye on him till he dies?
    Luffy: Uuu... it hurts.... Uuuu....!!!

    Luffy remembers what Elder Nyon told him (something about you won't be able to do anything there)
    Luffy tries to destroy the cage with headbutts

    Prisoner: Stop it, it's pointless. It's not like you're going to live after taking so much poison.
    Looks like your eyes are damage too... Can you at least hear? Just accept your death...
    Luffy: No I WON'T!! I won't die!!

    Luffy: I wont' die!! Not until I save Ace...!!
    Prisoner: You wanna save someone, even though you're not gonna live? You have a friend in the cell or something? Stupid...
    In the prison, just save your own life!! There's no help here, and everyone here are on their own.
    In the fiery pits, you step on others to live, and when you encounter a monster you feed them who's next to you as a bait to save yourself.
    Caring about others means your own death! Don't mention crap about saving others!! Makes me want to puke...!!

    The prisoners laugh

    Prisoner: Look... someone's coming
    Prisoner: It not a prison guard.... not a staff
    Bon: Mugichan!! I came to Ssave Ju!!! In... In the name of FRIENDZHIIPP!! (Bon-chan not being able to say it straight)
    Prisoner: What's with him, he'll all covered in blood...
    Bon: ....zzoorrryy for runnin' avay!!!!!
    Prisoner: ...!! What are... you

    Bon: I'm a FRIEND!!! Mugichan...!!!

    Bon takes Luffy, and leaves the cell.

    Prisoner: Hey... he left us the key.
    Prisoner: Escaping here? I've never even thought it possible.

    He looks for Iva-san, asking prisoners in other cells

    Prisoner: Iva-san??
    Prisoner: I don't know where that faggot went, what the hell do you want?
    Prisoner: Emporio Ivankov...? Oh yeah, I remember him long time ago... I heard he died?
    Prisoner: Huh? Why are you looking for someone not here?
    Prisoner: Anyways... how did you get out of the cell!! Let me out too... Come on!!

    Bon: I'm looking for someone called Iva-san!! Hello hello!?

    Finally, some information

    Prisoner A: You see a forest over there? Go over there. There's a warden room there that's not being used anymore...
    I saw some strange fella coming out of there, try there.
    Bon: Really...!?

    Bon goes to the forest

    Prisoner B: Hey you.... isn't that forest the territory for the wolves?
    Prisoner A: Hm? Oh was it? hehehehe...

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